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Meet your wedding


We are Zakary and Ellecina, a husband and wife team based out of Los Angeles. We LOVE being married, and consider it a great privilege to capture and celebrate weddings through creative and cinematic storytelling! 





Your wedding day needs are unique.

Rather than try to fit your wedding day into a predetermined package or tier (we thought about it), our preferred approach is to schedule a short phone call or to meet you in person to get an idea of your individual needs. No commitment required.


Your wedding day is unique, but we’re going to be honest with you: “there is nothing new under the sun” and that is doubly true for wedding videos. 


We’re not here to sell you on our ‘signature’ style, try to prove to you that we're fun or unique, or convince you that booking with anybody but us means you’ll get a less-moving wedding video. 


Your wedding is a picture of the gospel, a symbol of Christ the Bridegroom loving, cherishing, and sacrificing for His Bride, the church. It’s a call to lay down your life for each other every day. 

Whether yours is in a chapel, a backyard, a church sanctuary, at the beach or beyond, it doesn't matter where it takes place: we care about capturing your wedding in a way that honors the Lord and the union you're stepping into, from the altar to the dance floor to your send-off!

We resonate with those who understand what marriage really is.

What to Expect

We’ll schedule a short phone call with you to hear more about what your wedding day is shaping up to be like, how you and your fiance met, and what kind of things are important to you. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, don’t worry, that’s why we’re here!


The sky truly is the limit with what we can offer you. We’ll have ideas of course, but we’re also open to yours. Incorporating drone footage, any kind of edit (social media, ceremony, toasts, first-look, the list goes on), engagement shoots, anniversary videos, a wedding day super-cut, "blooper" reels, you name it, let's talk about it.


Once we understand your priorities and needs, get ready to be proposed to again! Because we’ll get down on our metaphorical knee and send you a customized proposal that includes everything you would need for your day with an all-inclusive price. No surprise extra fees with us. If you say ‘yes!’ then…


If it can be swung, we usually love to be there for your wedding rehearsal. We view this as a great time to connect with you and your friends and family since we’ll be spending all day with you the following day! When your wedding day rolls around, we’ll be there early to get set up, and then we’ll spend the rest of the day capturing the special moments that need to be remembered: the planned and the unplanned, the posed and the candids.


Everything comes alive in the edit. This is when we get to work crafting your wedding film until it's finished, along with any other edits you may have requested. We don’t like to set a hard-and-fast time limit for this because we want to give you the best film possible, whether that’s 4 minutes or 8 minutes. This is another reason we decided against packages or tiers; why force ourselves and you into rigid measurements of time for the final product that’s meant to preserve your special day?


We want to show our appreciation for those who sacrifice their time and resources by serving the Lord in ministry. We’re committed to providing discounted rates for current students of The Master's Seminary, recent TMS grads, and those already in full-time ministry. Please contact us for more details.

Add-Ons Available

Pretty much anything is possible. Get in touch with us to discuss a variety of elements we offer. Drone footage, engagements or anniversary shoots, ceremony or speech edits, rush-delivery , etc. 

Contact Us

We reply within 48 hours.

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